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About Me

Full Stack JavaScript Engineer & Technical Strategy Consultant
I have 10+ years of experience as a hands-on Software Engineering Consultant and Director of Engineering. I've built and scaled mission critical software applications and e-commerce platforms and I am an experienced technical leader.
Node.js / Javascript
  • browserify, express, handlebars
  • bleh, oreo, less, mongodb
  • async, redis, pg,
  • co, three, d3, videojs
  • AWS, Heroku
  • Apache, Nginx
  • Jenkins, Travis, Docker
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, LevelDb
  • Redis, Memcached
  • Git
  • HTML5, CSS3, ES6
  • Responsive Design
  • REST, OAuth 2.0
  • SEO
  • SQL
Product Management
  • Agile Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • Engineer Recruiting
  • Tech Stack Architecture
  • Time/Cost Estimates
  • UI/UX Wireframes
Design driven agile development

My Work

Together we can build the next big thing.


Sandy Corsillo
Owner and President
If he can handle our ERP integration, he can handle anything.
Zachary Rosenberg
Lead Software Engineer
I've been working with Will for a decade. The SkyPHP platform has been a lifesaver.
Peter James Cryan
Founder and President
It's been a few years and I still get compliments on my website all the time.
Michael Bauer
Executive Financial Officer
We don't call him "The Captain" for nothing. The Captain is the man!
Damian Sobrevilla
Product Development Engineer
Gadget comes through for my start-up projects time and time again. Look no further.

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